When you are conceptualizing your mind with negative dogma and distress, you are already defeated and the battle is already lost. In order for you to tap into your maximum potential you must first defeat the limiting, and self- defeating voices in your head. Reaching your goals necessitates an element of risk and will involve venturing into unfamiliar territory. But as human beings, our brains are wired to keep us secure and within the zones of comfort and safety. Your job is to design your ideal life and lay the foundations for success by learning to control the limiting thoughts that echo throughout your mind. These limiting thoughts are crippling your progression and need to be mastered. And the only way to develop self-mastery is through practice.

From today, whenever that inner voice is restricting you from taking action, do the following actions:

  • Counter the negative thought with a barrage of positive thoughts.
  • Visualize yourself winning over and over again in your mind until you see it.􏰀
  • Do the complete opposite of the limiting belief by taking action.

The solutions above will reduce the effects of disempowering beliefs, and increase the power you have to change your mindset, and with it, your situation. The secret of success is to embrace your insecurities. Face your fear of the unknown to break the hold it has over you. As you progressively take on new action steps, your confidence will grow and self-doubt will shrink and disappear.
What are the limiting beliefs that hold you back in your finances or business?

It’s time for a brainstorming session: do you hear your conscious voicing the following negative objections?

I don’t have enough capital to start up a business.
If I risk my money to make more money, I might lose everything.
I am not smart enough to create a million dollar business.
My business ideas aren’t original or special enough to make me rich.
I’m too old to become a success story.
I don’t have my own office to start a business from.
I’ve never achieved any of my goals before.
I don’t have enough time.
I don’t have a product to sell.
I don’t have a team that can support me.

The above is a list of the most commonly used excuses that people make before undertaking the necessary steps towards financial independence and starting a successful business. Can you think of any more?

Often, the excuses that you feed yourself are designed to constrain your mind with fear. It can be difficult to admit that you’re afraid, even to yourself. Remember: if you face your fear dead on, you conquer the possession that it grasps on your mind and your life.

Action Steps: Overcome Your Excuses

􏰀 1. List the excuses that you have made in the past and continue to make.
2. Write down the name of a successful person who has succeeded despite facing the same excuses that you tell yourself.
3. Fully make the decision to become successful against all odds. Decide it, and believe it.

Allen Byre

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