The road to success can sometimes be lonely and tough. This is why having positive friends and support systems are vital. The people that you surround yourself with have an impact on how you think, feel and, ultimately, the actions you take. This is why you need to monitor your relationships. They can hold you back if you crowd yourself with the wrong people.

You will find that when speaking to a negative person, your energy levels drain quickly, leaving you feeling strained and low on motivation and enthusiasm.

Begin to take inventory of the people you spend your time with. What outlook do they have on life? Is it positive or negative? Do they look on the bright side, or dwell on the dark times. If you find your dreams being deflated while speaking to a particular someone around you, you need to spend less time with them. Or, better yet, no time.

Once you have removed the negative people from your life, and removed yourself from the negative environments you placed yourself in, your motivation, self-esteem, determination, and attitude will begin to arise.

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