If you find yourself regularly doubtful about whether you are going to succeed or not: don’t be. Living life anxiously is an unnecessary barrier to reaching one’s full potential.

After listening to an old Tony Robbins personal development CD last week, I transcribed a section of the audio into text which I believe will empower you to leap toward accomplishing your goals.

Read the below:

The Rocking Chair Test (Transcribed from Tony Robbins audio CD)

The rocking chair test is the idea that you think about your goals and start to say if I never did this and I was 80 years old on my rocking chair how would I feel?

So the rocking chair test is another way you can get yourself associated to are you willing to pay the price to make this dream a reality, because so often in life people have this dream but they don’t make it real.

And I tell you how to make it real, and this is another action under getting committed.

Once you write down why it’s a must after you’ve done the rocking chair test and feel emotionally associated, here is how you make it really turn into reality;

You write down everything that you may have to do, I repeat, not that you want to do, not that you have to do, but everything that you might have to do in order to achieve what you want.

Now if you make a list of everything you might have to do to achieve what you want, you’re not going to like this list, I can promise you because you might say I might have to stay up an extra 2 hours a night, I might have to give up drinking x nights a week and along the way I guarantee you are going to come up with things that you are afraid of.

The reason why people never really commit to achieve something is because at the back of their head they know there are things that they might have to do that they don’t want to do. So what people usually do is they set down the goal, they get all excited, they tell themselves about it and then they tell friends about it, maybe they even post it on the wall but then they never take action because of their fears.

The best way to deal with it is to get committed and not only come up with a reason why it’s a must, so you are motivated to do it but to look the tiger in the eye and make a list of everything you might have to do to achieve what you want and here is what you do, go one by one and look at each item and say “wow” in order to achieve what I want, I might not have to do this but if I had to do this can I look myself in the eye and say I will be willing to do this if it was absolutely necessary.

If at the gut level you can look at each one of the items listed and say I may not like it, I may not want to do it but I’ll be willing to do that to achieve this if it was necessary and you can honestly do that in your gut – I tell you what happens, when you face the tiger in the eye 99% of what you write down you’ll never have to do.

But the fact that you face it releases energy in your body; it releases that unconscious level of fear that will keep you from taking action.

And all of a sudden you’re going to find yourself taking action, because it’s never as bad as you imagine, our fears especially our unconscious fears, the ones that you are not even aware of that will keep you from taking action get them the heck out of your head.



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