If there is one word that describes Gary Vaynerchuck, it is the word ‘hustle’. Vaynerchuck is an American serial entrepreneur, New York Times, bestselling author. He has had tremendous success in business; he grew his family business from $3 million to $60 million. He is also a renowned digital marketer and founder of VaynerMedia, which is No. 29 on Crain’s list of the city’s 50 fastest-growing companies in 2015.

If you are tired of procrastination and desire to build a relentless work ethic, let the quotes inspire you.

30 Gary Vaynerchuck on hard work

1. “The secret to success is this: work harder. When you think you’ve worked your hardest, go even deeper.”

2. “It’s hustle, not talent that is the differentiator between entrepreneurs who succeed and those who don’t.”

3. “I’m grinding when you’re sleeping.”

4. “I truly believe that the number one thing has allowed me to get me to where I am today is how hard I work.”

5. “Your biggest advantage is to be hungrier than your competitor. Apply your work ethic advantage.”

6. “Recognise that you have a much bigger chance and a better opportunity than your parents did to build a business around your passion and don’t take that for granted.”

7. “I was hungry for success, and I knew that to get there, I just had to give it my all.”

8. “Look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself, what do I want to do everyday for the rest of my life, do it.”

9. “You can’t be successful by just saying it—you have to have the talent to learn and also be willing to put in the work.”

10. “Make every minute count”

11. “Stop whining. Start hustling.”

12. “I typically spend four or five hours a day using social media to engage with people. Some days, I’ve spent up to 12 hours on TweetDeck. Every day, between every phone call or meeting, in every cab ride—during every spare second—I’m on Twitter. I have 850,000 followers, and I care about every tweet.” (Source –

13. “I have never seen anyone increase his or her natural talent, but I have seen people transform themselves by increasing their hustle.”

14. “Stop acting like you live twice.”

15. “We only get to play this game one time, one life.”

16. “You need to do things that make you feel a little uncomfortable. Way too many people have made decisions without ever trying.”

17. “Your talent is not enough; you’ve got to go put in the work.”

18. “I’m not saying everyone needs to work hard, you have to work hard for your level of ambition”

19. “If you want to do something for the rest of your life, don’t just quit after four months.”

20. “You want a 1% life, but you aren’t willing to put in a 1% work ethic.”

21. “I did not have my twenties at all.

22. “Work Ethic: It’s the one controllable variable that people can deploy and win.”

23. “If you work all day and put in long hours, but the strategy was unclear or weak, those hustle hours aren’t going to amount to much,”

24. “As soon as I wake up in the morning—usually between 7 and 8:30—I grab my laptop and start answering e-mails. I try to answer every single e-mail I receive, but it’s tough. I get hundreds, maybe even a thousand a day.”

25. “If your work is great, that becomes your reputation, and that becomes the gateway to get business.”

26. “The only way you can learn to hustle and work this hard is by actually loving it.”

27. “Do what makes you happy. Keep it simple. Do the research. Work hard. Look ahead.”

28. “Give value. Give value. Give value. And then ask for business.”

29. “Love your family, work super hard, live your passion.”

30. “Stop hanging around people who don’t want to win.”

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