When anyone feels frustrated with their life to the point of disgust, two things can happen: they either become discouraged, or they take massive action. Dissatisfaction is one of the most powerful, motivating feelings that can be utilized to create huge urgency and desire in one’s life. We use negative emotions all the time to enforce change. It’s wired into us by evolution. On the other hand, without disgust there is no urgency for drastic action, and you will either continue to procrastinate, or move towards your success at a very slow pace.

In every rag to riches story you will notice disgust as the common denominator. The unsuccessful person is driven to success by the unbearable pain of their situation. The anguish becomes so great, that a decision is made to put everything into their own development and success. Multi-millionaire rap mogul Jay-Z is a living example; he was disgusted by living in poverty. According to Clarke Kent, a friend of Jay-Z’s, “When you grow up in the hood, fast money is all you can think of because of the pressure.”

If you are not moving at the pace that you want to or you find yourself with a weak desire for success, it’s time to put yourself in a situation where the only option is too succeed. Creating a situation where there is no going back you will awaken full resourceful and awareness senses to find a way to succeed no matter what.

Image – Entrepreneur, Andrew Fashion

This principle is used by hundreds of successful entrepreneurs. A perfect example is internet and photography entrepreneur Andrew Fashion. He was fed up of being broke and so strategically placed himself in a position that forced him to make money.

In Andrew Fashion words, “I hit that point, where I couldn’t stand where my life was at, I couldn’t stand having a bunch of roommates, I couldn’t’t stand not being able to feed myself, and I was sick of relying on other people and waiting for BEMODEL to blow up. I couldn’t’t fucking take it anymore.”

So I decided randomly one day to up and leave, I got a small loan, and went to LA and got into an apartment I couldn’t’t afford, a $3,500 a month place

downtown Los Angeles. Now how did I get into this place? That’s right, I made fake check stubs. You might be asking why I did something so stupid, with no income, and only enough money for 2 months of rent. I literally was at the point of I cannot take it anymore, I don’t (care) what happens, but I will do whatever I can to make money and stay here and not have to move, which automatically forced me to work day and night for 60 days. I told myself, they wouldn’t’t probably even be able to evict me for 30-60 days, so that gives me another 1-2 months of free rent to figure out how to make money and afford to live where I want”.

From reading the quote above you can see how Andrew Fashion’s disgust was applied to being broke. He used his frustration to his advantage. It fuelled him and spurred him on to make $15,000 to $20,000 per week. He now lives in a mansion and drives a Bentley. All of this was possible when he decided to use the power of disgust to his advantage.

When you get to the stage where you have had enough, you will do whatever it takes to make changes. Remember that most people have a very low emotional discomfort tolerance. If you can increase your own emotional pain threshold, you will be unstoppable.

Action steps

  • Think about your own life, and where you have not lived up to your own expectations.􏰀
  • List the parts of your situation that you are disgusted with.
  • Write out the solution for each aspect and use that as the motivation and your guide to changing it.
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