Below is a list of 20 effective strategies and tips to ensure you lead a productive day and enable you to achieve your short and long-term goals by staying focused.

Be prepared to take notes and implement these simple tips to transform yourself into an individual with enough laser focus to accomplish everything you set out to achieve.


1. Treat the pursuit of mastering the art of time management as a challenge. Treating challenging situations as a game will build excitement and help you to conquer this area of your life.

2. Remain clutter free. It’s hard to be focused if you work within a disorganized environment.

3. Ensure that you keep your desk space clear and tidy at all times.

4. Avoid being overwhelmed by breaking down big tasks into smaller chunks.

5. Concentrate on one task at a time.

6. If you are having difficulty with a task, ask for help and save time by avoiding the trial and error process.

7. Attack your daily tasks as if you are going to war. It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you operate from attack mode instead of retreat.

8. Get excited about what you want. Having a precise goal that you are committed to achieving will keep you driven and dedicated to making it happen.

9. Refuse to be stressed by any circumstances you may face. Remind yourself that every problem has a solution.

10. Think smart and be strategic when creating a plan for your life. This will shorten the distance to your success.

11. Compile a list of the consequences of not being focused. Understand the painful consequences of not following your plan, and then remind yourself of the long-term pleasures of staying on track.

12. Cut out distractions. Ensure that you disable any distractions that can take hold of your valuable time (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, phone calls and e-mails).

13. Set deadlines for yourself. Deadlines can boost your sense of urgency and speed up your progression.

14. Take little breaks. Working non-stop is not effective, so take mini-breaks that will help your mind and enable you to work at your best.

15. Take time out to take short breaks by walking and getting some fresh air, this will clear your mind and keep you in control of your day.

16. Write a list of why you must succeed. When you are clear the answer will come to you and then you can execute it.

17. Get in the habit of doing the most tedious work first each day. It’s usually the tedious work that brings the most results.

18. Create a daily routine in every aspect of your life and try your best to stick to it.

19. Get involved in regular daily exercise to increase your stamina and energy levels.

20. Refrain from eating junk or any food that will make you tired (you can easily research foods to avoid by using the Google search engine).

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